15 June 2009

Twitter does it again?

I was on Twitter off and on all day and couldn't understand some of the people I subscribe to making mention of Twitter in regards to the Iranian situation so I decided to check it out tonight when I got home.

Seems that Twitter has rescheduled its downtime for tonight because it is used by Iranians to communicate during the crisis. This is Twitter's explaination:

"Down Time Rescheduled: A critical network upgrade must be performed to ensure continued operation of Twitter. In coordination with Twitter, our network host had planned this upgrade for tonight. However, our network partners at NTT America recognize the role Twitter is currently playing as an important communication tool in Iran. Tonight's planned maintenance has been rescheduled to tomorrow between 2-3p PST (1:30a in Iran)."

The full text can be found here.

Wow. Just wow... Thoughts?

Last summer when the hurricanes swept into NOLA and Galveston, I followed several people riding out both of the storms who were using Twitter to stay in touch. This move is much more than that and I have to commend Twitter and it's partner.

14 June 2009

Digging out...

It's one of those things... I have been overcome by my day job - but with the recent wins of two of my pieces in EBSQ shows I think it's time to rock off dead center and get back to work.

I had one Member's Mention several years ago with "The Savage [beast]" and since I became an EBSQ life member earlier this year, I decided to enter others. "Jessica" took a Patron's Mention in the 2009 show "The Figure in 3-D" but it was the "Lust of Parthenope" which hit the top in taking a Member's Choice in the "One Word Concept: Scintillating" show that just closed.

Like I said, time to get back to work. More on that later.

Changes to the family have finally smoothed out. I lost my old working Rottweiler, Tory, in October - which effectively shut down any creativity for a while - and adopted a rescue Thai Ridgeback female named Maegge who has become a priceless addition. She is the young maiden to the now old male, Vain. Sully the youngster still rocks the tail and is as nuts as his mother. Some days, I wish I would have had a trainer in the area to have worked him in Schutzhund like his uncle Tory was worked, but that has never been possible. Oh, excuse me, my bad - Schutzhund is now Vielseitigkeitspruefung für Gebrauchshunde.

My personal stress relief to balance the day job has been the belly dance troupe I am in; started that a few years ago and have been performing with them for a year. I just started classes with the big dance studio in St. Pete a few months ago and make the trek every Saturday.